Hi guys today I’m going to be talking about Canada Day which is July 1st and a national holiday where people get together with friends and families to celebrate the day that Canada became its own country. So originality we had French and English people until the English took over which is why we´ve a strong relationship with Britain and it´s on July 1st in 1867 that Canada created its own government and we were given independence and because of our strong relationship with Britain originally Canada day was actually called dominion day before we become our own country. Now the name Canada actually comes from our aboriginal people from their word Canada which means village or settlement and on this day you´ll see you´ll be hearing fireworks all night because that´s the main way we celebrate many city parks will put on I firework shows so people from all over can come to watch together the two main places where the celebrations are the biggest is in our capital city Ottawa and in Niagara falls and on this day because it’s in the summer when we have warmer temperatures you´ll have people doing barbecues parties, concerts and other outdoor celebrations and also you can find everything maple. There’s maple, cookies maple, ice cream maple, bacon, and other maple candies Overall Canada day is a great day to celebrate how our country became its own and it’s a fun day.

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